Punk : New Faces and Incredible Sound

Politics. Style. Flow. POWER TO THE PEOPLE. Punk isn’t dead but it does have a new, inclusive and diverse look. And OH MY GOD is it delicious. A new era is upon us, time for a new soundtrack…..

Meet Me @ The Altar

MMATA – Wall Of Sound

They pick up where Paramore left off and where Fly Leaf could never. Meet singer Edith Johnson, guitarist Téa Campbell and drummer Ada Juarez. This trio beautifully executes the angsty, lyrically vibrant vibes our angsty, horomone fueled inner teenage selves thrive on. They are EFFORT.LESS.LY flipping the script on a the pop punk scene. How? Pure fucking talent.

Check out their 2019 EP “Bigger Than Us” on all streaming services now!

Big Joanie

Review: Big Joanie's 'Sistahs' - Rolling Stone

Hailing from the UK this trio of badass Black women, featured in Rolling Stone, describe themselves “We’re like The Ronettes filtered through 80s DIY and riot grrrl with a sprinkling of dashikis.” Formed in 2013, Stephanie, Chardine, and Kiera produce a new type of funk that is powerful and melodic from their record label, Sistah Punk Records. Chardine is also an activist who tore down the house with her TEDxTottenham talk “How Punk music can turn you into a Black Feminist.” Stylish, intoxicating and fresh…what else could you want?

Pleasure Venom

Unapologetically Black, political, Queer and wildly talented — this Austin-based group has been featured in Afropunk and NME Magazine. Fronted by Audrey Campbell, this group gives you soul rattling thrash music and aesthetics you cannot afford to miss. They do not shy away from heavy topics and hard conversations via soaring vocals from Aubrey.

The Txlips

VOX ATL Talks Being Black and Unapologetic With The Txlips - VOX ATL
Pictured L to R: Dara Carter, Gabriella “Guitar Gabby” Logan, Joela Oliver, and Mo Drumma

Atlanta in the house! Led by guitarist and vocalist Gabriella “Guitar Gabby” Logan, Spelman and Vermont Law grad, this isn’t your average punk-rock band. The Txlips paint a backdrop that melds seamlessly with the angst of the Millenial. Their perspective is unique, authentic and right on time. The group is a perfect blend of talented instrumentalists and passion. You can catch them at AFROPUNK and Loud Women Fest.